Total control with telematics

Fleet Management – the ability to plan and follow up on vehicles, machinery and staff via IoT solutions – is more important today than ever, and the industry only continues to grow. Customer demand is growing at an increasingly rapid pace and TelliQ aswell as their supplier of electronics, EEPAB, can expect a future of exciting challenges and opportunities.

Fleet management gives companies with fleet and machine parks in various locations the possibility to monitor and streamline daily operations through cloud-based data collection. Services can include simple positioning and resource consumption to advanced remote monitoring and troubleshooting.

– In a few years, billions of units are anticipated to be online, so right now it is an industry of incredible growth. At the same time, customers want better technology at lower prices so it’s all about delivering at pace with development, says Erik Ljung, Radio and Communications Engineer with TelliQ.


Three business areas

The company that eventually became TelliQ was established in 2002 and currently has three business areas: Vehicles, Mobile Equipment and Street Lighting Controls. In terms of volume, Vehicles is the largest, and primarily has smaller companies as its customer core, as well as 60 or more municipalities. Mobile Equipment is the next largest with a high-end department focused on machine manufacturers such as Atlas Copco, Kalmar, Bromma and Swedavia. Street Lighting Controls is the smallest area.

EEPAB has been a collaboration partner from the beginning and is now TelliQ’s only provider of electronics for street lighting controls and mobile equipment since the decision made in 2014 to discontinue in-house electronics manufacturing.

– We have full trust in EEPAB as they have proven to be a flexible, reliable supplier who has always met our requirements. Together, we have established a stable unit, proven by the lack of complaints and need to reconstruct our products. Considering how important it is to us to be able to deliver on time, it is nice to have someone close who has full disclosure to issues regarding manufacturing, electronics and component selections, Erik explains.

Advanced product – Great demand

In the Mobile Equipment segment, TelliQ’s flagship product is TQ277 – an advanced machine telematics unit with a Linux-based operating system and support for 3G/GSM and GPS. The unit’s interface is then adapted to enable integration with mobile machinery and other systems in need of remote monitoring and data collection.

EEPAB produces all electronics, into which TelliQ installs software that enables communication with their back-office system that stores all information on the cloud. Currently, around 6,000 are in circulation, but according to Erik, there is incredible demand:

– In order to get our products out to our customers as quickly as possible, we are devoting a great deal of time and energy to the processes of streamlining factory testing and software installment, with the purpose of delivering at our desired pace.

The future challanges of Telematics

Customer requests determine the development of what comes out on the market. At the same time, large machine manufacturers are historically accustomed to manufacturing cycles of up to 10-15 years, which poses problems for rapidly changing customer needs. In addition, other problems can arise, such as when components are suddenly discontinued or when telecommunications changes are made, e.g, when the 3G networks are gradually discontinued or when 4G was introduced. The great challenge for TelliQ will, thus, be to future-proof their products, that is, to create a uniform standard that is flexible enough to be certified in various countries regardless of differing regulatory requirements.

– A lot can happen in the future, but we are not concerned, we are not alone and even if things change or disappear, we will continue to keep our manufacturing going, together with partners such as EEPAB, Erik concludes.

Lukas Ivarsson

Business Area Manager

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