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Smart maintenance = the right maintenance at the right time

Hercules Grundläggning has the most extensive machine park for laying foundations in the Nordic countries – and it is used profusely. “There is a lot of wear and tear, and great requirements on maintenance. Which is why it’s important to have easy, digital fleet management and work order solutions,” says Jan-Erik Svensson, Manager of Machinery for the company.

We are meeting with Jan-Erik in Västerås, where Hercules has one of the country’s many maintenance stations. He points to one of the largest machines, a concrete piling machine with a hammer weighing in at five tons.

– This machine hammers one million times a year, he says and gives examples of the types of environments it is used in.

Hercules Grundläggning is a wholly owned subsidiary of NCC and rents out machinery to their owners and to external projects. The machine park contains machines for advanced piling, support structures, soil reinforcement, drilling and special assignments such as groundwater lowering and jet grouting. All in all, 30-something large and heavy machines, of which, the cement piling machine is one.

Tailoring provides the right conditions

For over 10 years, Hercules has cooperated with TelliQ for fleet management and work order solutions.

– Having so many machines and jobs all over the country, the machine park needs to be online so we can monitor productivity, downtime, where our machines are and when it’s time to service them, Jan-Erik explains.

There are many different makes in the machine park. Most have their own version of CAN-bus (Control Area Network) for their machine system.

– We have ten to twelve different machine types. We want their systems to have similar conditions so we can make comparisons. And they do, thanks to the numerous adaptations TelliQ has made for us.

Idling is an important key indicator that Hercules wants to control. Another is production time – a parameter that can be improved according to Jan-Erik.

– Even if a lot of hours are spent on transporting and servicing machines, there is nonetheless an untapped potential to increase production time. We need to develop this.

Work orders by mobile

All Hercules mechanics have an app on their mobiles for dealing with work orders.

– It allows us to see which tasks are high priority, and our mechanics can accept a job with just one click. When the mechanic is done, he reports how long the task took and indicates what the cause for maintenance was as well as whether the measures were planned or unplanned. We’ve had this since the beginning of the year and every third month we review unplanned maintenance and other internal jobs, says Jan-Erik.

 “In the app, I can view finished jobs, which allows me to work preventively”

– In the app, mechanics can access information on engine hours, planned and finished measures, service schedules, machine driving instructions, and so on. They can also make notes in a work order regarding spare part orders, when the parts were sent and the planned delivery time. Before and after pictures can also be documented in the work order.

Mechanic Roger Linder is happy with how the app has evolved:

– It has improved overall, and it’s a good tool in my daily work. I use it regularly, make work orders and report reasons for downtime using various categories. The app also allows me to view finished jobs, which allows me to work preventively.

An App for maintenance and daily oversight?

Naturally, Jan-Erik Svensson is aware that all machine information and documentation will continue to be digital and that the level of digitalization will only increase.

– It will involve the machinist’s work environment, daily overview, engine hours for each driver and other control functions. I would like to see an app for daily inspections because it doesn’t always happen as it is now. I would also like to pursue development of an app for maintenance that would be included in the purchase of a machine. An app that is connected to the machine’s computer will help machinists do the right maintenance at the right time. We can work proactively because we will know what needs to be done before something goes wrong. That’s what’s called smart maintenance.

Lukas Ivarsson

Business Area Manager

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