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Quality all the way to the customer

Hemglass always strives to deliver quality all the way to the customer. To ensure refrigeration levels in their ice cream trucks, Hemglass began cooperating with TelliQ. Via telematics, they can monitor the temperatures and positioning of all the Hemglass ice cream trucks. Today, approximately 300 Hemglass ice cream trucks house technology that allows real-time monitoring of temperature deviations and that automatically sends text messages or in-app alerts. With this technology, Hemglass avoids unpleasant surprises when work shifts start and can ensure quality all the way out to the customer.

TelliQ met with Per Granberg, Site Manager of the local Örebro office that has 8 employees and 11 trucks at the Närke district’s disposal. We asked him, how does your telematics solution work?

– All our trucks are equipped with the same technology, temperature monitors and truck positioning. A constant, correct temperature in our trucks is vital – it prevents waste and customer complaints. The most important thing of all is that our customers are happy, says Per Granberg.

“If the temperature goes down too low, a warning bell chimes in the app. Then I go out and check what’s wrong with the truck.”

– Before, checks were done by manually opening the truck doors, measuring the temperature with a laser gauge and feeling the boxes and ice creams to determine that the temperature felt right and to check that the ice creams had not melted. During the summer, it could be a bit nerve-wracking not knowing what awaited when you got to work.

Now, I can sit at home and check on all our trucks in the app, view the temperature curves and see if there have been any changes. If the temperature goes down too low, a warning bell chimes in the app. Then I go out and check what’s wrong with the truck.

– TelliQ’s technology helps Hemglass ensure the high quality of their products. Like this summer, when it was over 30 degrees outside, we needed to make sure that it was -30 degrees in our Hemglass trucks when we were out. The right temperature at all times means security for us and for our customers, says Per.

What’s the ice cream trend? Do people still buy ice cream from ice cream trucks?

– People sure do buy ice cream,” says Per. “Nowadays, we have more ice cream customers than ever, and our customers buy more products at one go than they used to. Our most frequent customers are families with children. Not only do they buy ice cream, but they also buy frozen meals from our ice cream trucks. Because we deliver right to our customers’ doors, we provide superior customer service and a high product quality since the products we sell don’t have time to start thawing before they reach our customers’ freezers.

You also have positioning in your trucks – how is it used?

– It is a service that updates every 90th second by GPS. If you want to see where the nearest ice cream truck is at any given time, you just have to visit our website, says Per.


Hemglass is a nation-wide distributor that has 30+ sales branches, most of which are run by entrepreneurs. In total, there are over 400 employees at these branches and around 300 trucks that regularly reach most households in the country at regularly scheduled times. There are approximately 150,000 fixed sales points which means that Hemglass ice cream trucks make 15,000 stops each evening to sell ice cream throughout Sweden.

Rickard Eriksson

Key account manager

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