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“I have the municipality’s street lighting in my back pocket”

With responsibility for 15,000 street lights and 250 control cabinets, Göran Bengtsson needs easy access to an overview of the situation. TelliQ’s street lighting control units help significantly.

– With the app, I get full control over the street lights, regardless of where I am. It’s like having street light in my back pocket, says Göran Bengtsson.

Today, Kungsbacka Municipality has 230 control units from TelliQ and continues to expand. There are many lights and poles to keep track of, and thanks to the lighting app, Göran has a quick overview directly on his phone. He can use the app to turn on and off the lights and to manage any alerts.

– Since we can easily discover and localize possible problems, we can also take quick measures, ensuring a safer environment for our inhabitants, says Göran Bengtsson. Kungsbacka Municipality is large, so there is a lot of traveling involved to get from one electrical distribution box to another.

– The lighting app allows us to turn lights on and off while in the field, saving us a lot of time and mileage normally spent on traveling between boxes. We save a lot of work time while contributing to a better environment. He feels that the work the municipality does for the environment and for sustainable development is important.

– We live in a society where everything is rapidly developing and you need to keep up. It is our responsibility to find and use solutions that make our work more efficient while contributing to a healthier environment. TelliQ provides such solutions.

Customer benefit

  • Quick overview
  • Always available
  • On/off functionality, alert management
  • The environment is spared

Matthias Borell


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