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Intermat 2018 - trends and insights

Telematics was maybe not in the forefront of every booth at Intermat. But actually something that now is seen as an obvious part of an OEM:s offering, both internally to its aftermarket division and to its end customers. The IoT boom latest years has surely helped boost this, and at a really impressive pace.

Here is TelliQs “behind-the-scenes” insights on what we saw in the field of telematics during Intermat Paris 2018

The evolution of a 50.000 USD tire

As the search for efficiency find its way into specific parts of a machine, the machine is connected with more and more sensors, all with a growing need for connectivity. Some examples this year was a connected tire, with a real time data feed. Another example is the engine industry, which is already well experienced of sensors and data analysis, but are also looking to quantify the data in the cloud and supply services based on this. Will we end up with a multitude of telematics devices on each machine now? One thing is sure, suppliers to OEM:s are not willing to rely on supplying data to the OEM:s telematics systems alone. They also want to get closer to the end users.

Mixed fleet bonanza

A mixed brand fleet can be difficult and a real challenge for fleet managers. A sign that the industry of telematics is maturing is the talk about API:s and standardization. The rental segment, which typically has a demand for quite basic needs such as GPS location and operational hours would likely be the ones who will benefit the most initially. A not too wild guess is also that integration skills will be a key differentiator for telematics providers as the market is maturing. After all, who wants to login to five different systems, one for each brand you have.

Remote control and diagnostics: The future

Control machinery or visually instruct on-site technicians from your office, anywhere in the world. Technologies like augmented and virtual reality are being demonstrated to develop the future of remote diagnostics and service of heavy machinery. And will it take off, or just stay proof of concepts?

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