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Hencon - Special Mobile Equipment

A worldwide supplier

Hencon is a worldwide supplier of special mobile equipment for heavy industry. Where conventional vehicles such as forklift trucks and tractors cannot operate to full satisfaction, Hencon equipment provides the solution. The specially designed, custom-made vehicles are in operation in a number of different industries the world over, including:

  • Primary aluminium industry
  • Secondary aluminium industry
  • Light metal industry
  • Concrete industry
  • Steel industry
  • Mining

More than just a machine

About ten years ago, Hencon realised that its customers needed more than just the delivery of new machines, so it switched focus by developing a full service and maintenance concept. This allows Hencon’s customers to concentrate on their production processes, leaving Hencon to ensure a perfectly maintained fleet with high availability. Today, Hencon’s concept is used by many customers worldwide, putting Hencon in a unique position compared with the competition.

“For Hencons customers, uptime is essential and waiting is therefore unacceptable”

A new concept

To enable the full service and maintenance concept, Hencon has developed a web-based application that holds all equipment information such as manuals, spare parts and a maintenance planner. The application can also generate advance KPIs and availability reports which can be sent out to stakeholders at the push of a button. To ensure top performance, TelliQ’s telematics hardware is installed on all equipment. The data is stored in the TelliQ back-office application connected to Hencon’s application via a REST API.

Hencon’s R&D department also uses the data gathered to analyse the performance of components and to detect potential breakdown issues long before they happen. The TelliQ telematics hardware installed on Hencon’s machines is connected with on-board control systems via a CAN bus. This gives Hencon the flexibility to change the data being collected and allows it to fully integrate driver ID keys into the machine’s functionality (immobilisation, accident reduction/tracking and driver performance).

Services and products provided by TelliQ:

  • Telematics hardware and specific Hencon firmware
  • Connectivity
  • Back office system
  • System integration via REST API
  • Hosting and engineering support

TelliQ’s telematics service gives Hencon:

  • Productivity KPIs, such as usage and utilisation
  • Remote service functionality
  • Alarms and error codes
  • R&D big data

For Hencon, the TelliQ telematics system represents a competitive tool allowing its customers to optimise fleet usage, increase fleet uptimes and reduce maintenance costs.

The telematics service from TelliQ gave Hencon:

  • Productivity KPIs, such as usage and utilization
  • Remote service functionality
  • Alarms and error codes
  • R&D Big data

Lukas Ivarsson

Business Area Manager

+46 589-123 70