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The fleet manager is no longer anxious

Mölndal Municipality has a large fleet and it has been difficult to have an overview and keep track of when service is needed. Now, no vehicle ever lacks the necessary maintenance thanks to their investment in the TelliQ Fleet Management.

Thomas Andersson, fleet manager at Mölndal Municipality, is relieved that vehicle downtime has been reduced and that employee safety has increased since the fleet system was implemented. He tells of the situation before implementation:
– As fleet manager, my job is to ensure that the municipality’s vehicles are in working order and have minimal downtime. Previously, our system consisted of post-it notes and various documents regarding the vehicles, when they were due for maintenance and what was to be done. And as big as our fleet is, things were easily forgotten.

– From a safety viewpoint, we did not have enough control over the situation, and it made me very anxious. And because each vehicle has several drivers, no one took responsibility when the service warning light came on.

“Implementation was simple. We connected all our vehicles to the TelliQ system which alerts you when each individual vehicle is due for maintenance.”

Thomas continues to describe the problem:
– It is virtually impossible to ensure that all vehicles get the service that each manufacturer recommends. It is easily forgotten, which in turn causes unplanned downtime. Missing maintenance does the vehicle no good and it puts our employees’ safety at risk, especially in cases of deficient tires and brakes.

But Thomas no longer needs to worry. His anxiety has disappeared, thanks to TelliQ’s Fleet Management.
– Implementation was simple. We connected all our vehicles to the TelliQ system which alerts you when each individual vehicle is due for maintenance.

The system also records accurate mileage logbooks, automatically.
– It’s important that we keep logbooks on par with the requirements from the Swedish Tax Agency and that we are a good role model for our inhabitants.

In Thomas Andersson’s opinion, TelliQ’s Fleet Management facilitates his daily work.
– We have minimized downtime and are saving money. Employee safety has increased and since we now have regular maintenance on our vehicles, we are contributing to a healthier environment.

Customer benefit

  • Better overview of the fleet
  • Maintenance intervals are respected
  • Mileage logbooks are automatically recorded
  • Less downtime
  • Increased employee safety
  • The environment is spared


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Key Account Manager

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