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A brilliant investment that has saved hundreds of thousands of kronor

In order to meet requirements of rational energy usage and to continuously review operational costs, Motala Municipality began to research different technical solutions for smarter lighting. TelliQ was chosen – and turned out to be a brilliant investment

In their pursuit to save energy and improve lighting, Motala Municipality wanted to upgrade to a more environmentally friendly technology. After identifying and reviewing which products the market had to offer, Motala kommun chose Smart Street Lighting from TelliQ, which has a number of smart functions.

– First and foremost, it was quick to get started. In addition, the user interface on the web was appealing. This has given a better overview of and control over energy usage as well as a chance to find money saving opportunities, says Ove Andersson, responsible for street lighting at Motala Municipality.

In order to save energy, keep the investment costs at a minimum and maintaining the lighting level, they used TelliQ’s basic package with the option of adding operational optimization services.
– I’m very happy with the system. We have discovered many things about our street lighting that make us wonder. For example, we pay at least 300,000 SEK too much per year for fuses, Ove Andersson explains.

He has now begun to follow up on the project and has discovered several areas in which the municipality can reduce its impact on the environment as well as save money by using new, internet-based technology and all the benefits it has to offer.

– The goal of the project is to continually expand the system and continue to economize and save money.

Customer benefit

  • Better overview
  • Control over energy usage
  • Saved 300,000 SEK in six months
  • Reduced environmental impact

Matthias Borell


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