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Now it’s even easier to get started! Experience a pre-configured complete solution for your particular municipality! Discover a smarter method of controlling and maintaining street and city lighting. Smart Street Lighting enables you to finally have full control of your municipality’s street lighting.

Third generation hardware prepares you for the challenges of the future with hardware units that are system-safe and easily installed.

  • Full control with a self-monitoring system
  • Save money and the environment with smart controlling
  • The best web interface on the market
  • Complete control of energy usage

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Motala Municipality

“A brilliant investment that has saved us hundreds of thousands of kronor”

Ove Andersson – Motala Municipality

In order to meet requirements of rational energy usage and to continuously review operational costs, Motala Municipality and Ove Andersson chose to scour the market for technical solutions for smarter lighting.

Their review led to Motala Municipality choosing Smart Street Lighting from TelliQ, which has a number of smart functions. First and foremost, it was quick to get started. In addition, the user interface on the web was appealing. This has given them a better overview of and control over energy usage as well as a chance to find money saving opportunities.

In order to save energy while keeping investment costs at a minimum and maintaining the lighting level, they used TelliQ’s basic package with the option of adding operational optimisation services.

“I’m very happy with the system. We have discovered many things about our street lighting that make us wonder. For example, we pay at least 300,000 SEK too much per year for fuses,” says Ove Andersson, Motala Municipality.


  • Saved 300,000 SEK in the first six months
  • Phase 2 of the expansion will take place throughout the coming years
  • The goal of the project is to economise and save money

Ove Andersson - Motala Municipality

In their pursuit to save energy and improve lighting, Motala Municipality wanted to upgrade to a more environmentally friendly technology.

Ove Andersson, responsible for Street Lighting, has now begun to follow up on the project and has discovered several areas in which the municipality can reduce its impact on the environment as well as save money. All thanks to the use of a new web-based technology and all its benefits.

Apps for an easier workday

Smart App Standard

This is our Android and iOS compatible app for controlling street lighting. To increase flexibility and make maintenance work more efficient, we have developed the Smart App Standard application. You control and check the status of the lighting from wherever you are, using your mobile device.

The app can be installed on tablets or smart phones that have Android or iOS operating systems.

Work Orders

We have created a system for managing incoming and completed work. The system gives you complete control over the entire work flow, from creating error reports to the execution and follow-up of completed work.

Allocate work directly from your web browser and app. Easy to use and straightforward, users see directly what jobs are to be performed and in what priority. They can confirm when they have finished a job with the press of a button and write more detailed information if needed. Upload before and after photos of a completed job. Receive information on how long the job took and how long it took to get to the work site.


Bogfelts Entrepenader


“This is how I manage 25 municipalities all on my own”

Caroline Sjöborg – Bogfelts Entreprenader

“We have 20 technicians that work in the greater Stockholm area and perform work that I continuously allocate to them in a certain order of priority. No phone calls, they just get a notification on their phones. When they’re done, I get a notification on the computer and have full control over completed jobs.

Bogfelts is growing rapidly, and to do so, we need good tools that make our operations more effective and allow us to focus on the right things, that is, our customers. TelliQ’s work order solution helps us to efficiently manage all our municipalities and provide the best service.”


Benefits of the app

  • Complete control of all tasks
  • Cloud services with maps, photos and time reporting
  • Makes the error reporting flow more efficient

Caroline Sjöborg - Bogfelts Entreprenader

“About three years ago, we obtained TelliQ Work Orders, since then we have managed 25,000 tasks in 25 municipalities with only one coordinator.”

TQ278 - top of class

The unit is designed for street lighting applications where reliable operations are highly prioritised. Maximum reliability is obtained when you use three-phase power. Then the internal monitoring of input power (L1, L2 and L3) can generate an alarm if there is a phasing error.

The power outputs are fed by the respective phase and can therefore also be synchronised with its phase zero cross circuit to eliminate disturbances when switching on/off of external lighting contactors.

The digital AC inputs can be used to detect the lighting contactor positions and the control switch position. There are three digital inputs for connecting external equipment, such as door sensors. As an option, a UPS alarm or external impulse switch, etc, can be connected.

The four relay outputs can be used separately to control separate loads according to a scheduling template.


Kungsbacka Municipality


“Street lighting in my back pocket!”

Göran Bengtsson is responsible for Kungsbacka municipality’s 15,000 points of light allocated amongst 250 control cabinets.

Today, Kungsbacka has 130 control units from TelliQ and continues to expand. There are many lights and poles to keep track of, but thanks to the lighting app, Göran has a quick overview directly in his phone wherever he is. He can use the app to turn on and off the lights and to manage any alerts.

“As we can easily see and locate problems, we can quickly act to rectify them, creating a safer environment for our residents. With the app, I get full control over the street lighting, regardless of where I am. It’s like having street lighting in my back pocket,” says Göran Bengtsson.

“The app simplifies my work, as well as that of my colleagues. We can turn the lights on and off whenever we want to. I can also get a quick overview and see that everything is working,” says Göran Bengtsson of Kungsbacka Municipality.

Environmental initiatives in Kungsbacka municipality

In Göran Bengtsson’s opinion, the work the municipality does for the environment and sustainable development is important. We live in a society where everything is rapidly developing so you need to keep up. It is our responsibility to find and use solutions that make our work more efficient while contributing to a healthier environment. TelliQ offers such solutions.

“Kungsbacka Municipality is large, so there is a lot of travelling involved to get from one electrical distribution box to another, which is often necessary,” Göran continues.

“The lighting app allows us to turn lights on and off while in the field, saving us a lot of time and mileage normally spent on travelling between boxes. We save a lot of work time while contributing to a better environment.”


Benefits of the app

  • The on-off functionality
  • Alert management
  • Quick overview
  • Always available

Göran Bengtsson - Kungsbacka Municipality

“The app simplifies my work, as well as that of my colleagues. We can turn the lights on and off whenever we want to. I can also get a quick overview and see that everything is working,” says Göran Bengtsson of Kungsbacka Municipality.

Premium services

Effective consultancy service

In addition to our standard product, we also offer a few additional services for those who do not have time or the capacity to manage all functions themselves. These allow you to fully utilise the system without needing to spend time on such things as monitoring energy usage, adjusting figures, optimising lighting settings or checking alerts. Though the system is simple and easy to use and comprehend, it can be an added security to receive help optimising settings or having regular reviews of the system to check that all is as it should be. That is why we have developed two premium services.

Operation Surveillance

Our specialists regularly check your system to see that all is as it should be. They also manage alert surveillance should an alarm be set off from too high or low energy usage, for example.

Operation Optimisation

Our specialists analyse your system and optimise the lighting schedule according to the conditions of your lighting facility. We can also analyse imbalances in the three-phase network and suggest adjustments and measures so get the most from your operations.

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