Smart street lighting control

A pre-configured complete solution for smart municipalities!

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Smart Street Lighting enables you to have full control of your municipality’s street lighting.

- Self-monitoring system with real-time alerts
- Save money and the environment with efficient light-up times
- Full online and in-app control
- Analysis and follow-up of energy consumption and light hours.

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“I’m very happy with the system. We have discovered many things about our street lighting that make us wonder. For example, we pay at least 300,000 SEK too much per year for fuses.”

- Ove Andersson, Motala Municipality.

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Control lighting and check on the status of your lamps on your phone, wherever you are.

Available for iOS and Android.

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Enter, allocate and follow up error reports, right in the system.

Upload photos of a completed job. Receive information on how long the job took and how long it took to get to the work site.

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The unit is designed for street lighting applications where reliable operations are highly prioritized.

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