Full overview of your machine fleet

Get started quickly and easily with solutions that are suitable for all kinds of machinery and vehicles.

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Increased profitability

Right basis for invoicing by knowing when, where and how your machinery is used.

  • Real time overview Track a vehicle or your entire fleet, minute by minute.

The right key indicators

Use real fuel consumption, engine hour and production hour data for planning service and spare part management.

  • Geofence Keep track of when machinery leaves a designated area.

Environmental impact

Get information on your environmental impact with pre-configured emissions reports.

  • Genuine environmental responsibility With just one click you can get immediate access to your company’s fuel consumption and emissions.

Service and maintenance

The system alerts you to service requirements, allowing you to plan and perform service at the right time with minimal impact on your operations.

  • Real time error codes The vehicle itself communicates error codes, which the system immediately informs you of.
  • Daily inspection - Follow up easily that the inspections are performed and identify machines that have been in use but not inspected.

Get complete control of your machinery with data such as fuel consumption, idle time, operating hours and production hours.

A unit is mounted on the machine, an account created in our system and data is easily retrieved from our portal, api or mobile app. Many see the benefits of being able to retrieve data as a basis for invoicing. The system is simple, reliable and flexible and can be complemented with additional services.

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Suitable for most types of operations using machinery and vehicles, ranging from small companies with small fleets to international companies with 10 000's of machines

The units are easily installed on all machine types.

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Hardware for large and small machines.

Unit that calculates both engine and operation times. Other connection possibilities, such as theft alarms and alcohol ignition interlocks, are available.

Easy installation, created for the mixed fleet. Linux based OS, WiFi/BT for local connectivity, a 4G/GSM modem for global cellular connectivity. Perfect for global remote monitoring of heavy machinery.

Complete telematic unit with a broad interface and IP67 classification. Eight configurable digital I/Os and double CAN buses. GSM and 3G for connection and GPS/GLONASS for positioning. TQ277 is normally delivered customized to the customer's specific requirements.

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