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Swedbank AutoPlan helps customers administrate, lease and sell company cars. With our integration, you can approve your mileage logbook for Swedbank AutoPlan right in the app.

Integration description

Swedbank AutoPlan

AutoPlan offers a comprehensive solution for your company cars. We have smart products, competent employees and nationwide collaboration with suppliers.


Our basic offering includes management of car-related invoices, supplier contacts and fielding questions from your drivers. You can also receive advice, statistics and get help with car policies, AutoAnalys and much more.


A natural part of our offering is easy, flexible financing of your vehicles. You select your financing model, depreciation options and leasing period.

Car sales

We offer one of the easiest and most profitable ways of selling your company cars. In our web-based tool, you add the car(s) you want to sell and monitor and approve bids.


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Swedbank AutoPlan

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Connections to TelliQ

Approve your mileage logbook for Swedbank AutoPlan right in the app


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