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KomMa is an operations system by Fristad Konsult for municipalities and municipal companies. Through integration with TelliQ, KomMa users can automatically retrieve vehicle data that can then be used in cost allocations or for booking vehicles.

Integration description

Cost Allocation

Registration of fixed costs and depreciation plan of each object. Structuring and registering of cost, revenue, depreciation and interest codes. Selecting this starts the period run that creates charges for current costs, allocates depreciations according to plan and calculates interest on the residual of each object. You can also allocate costs of supplier summary invoices to posted items such as fuel invoices. Manual invoice allocation or by loading all invoice files regarding vehicles.


Here, you define fixed posts for the cost allocation module. You also create the accounting file of the leasing module here and integrate it with the accounting system. Procedure for creating invoice templates and invoice files for integration with the accounting system.

Business Contacts

Here, you will find your list of customers and suppliers. You can categorize or group your customers for better follow up and efficient cost allocation.


The Cost Allocation module contains a number of external and internal reports, such as customer or supplier catalogs, debit reports, etc.


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Connections to TelliQ

Automatic retrieval of vehicle data for cost allocation and booking


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