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Connect your mileage logbook to Jobbile work orders and get an overview of your jobs and trips. Retrieve trips that are related to the task and see costs, times and trips all in one place. You can also use parked time as the basis for employee time reporting.

Integration description

Jobbile work orders

Jobbile is a simple work order and time reporting service on your mobile or tablet. Get an overview of all the jobs and hours worked at your company, in one place.

Thanks to the Jobbile app, you have immediate access to all necessary work information without having to go to the office. Time, expenses and material are logged on the current task and invoices and time reports are collected in a web interface.

Jobbile will work for proud one-person companies and for those who work with a gang of fellow employees.

Jobbile enables

  • Simple time reporting
  • Quicker invoicing
  • Good organization


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Connections to TelliQ

Allocate trips to specific projects, use parked time as the basis for time reporting


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