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Fleet Management is a web-based system for companies that have vehicle fleets, whether large or small. The system provides the user with an overview and control of vehicles. Integration with TelliQ enables fleet management customers to receive alerts when a de-registered vehicle is in use, to view utilization data (km/time) per day and vehicle, and to send service alerts in case TelliQ’s vehicle unit should, for any reason, stop sending reports.

Integration description

Fleet Management

Fleet Management is a web-based system for companies, municipalities, county councils and authorities that have large or small vehicle fleets. The system provides the user with a good overview and control of all vehicles.

Fleet Management can be applied to all kinds of vehicle. From trucks, buses, passenger cars, ambulances, forklifts and other non-registered objects such as containers.

Suitable for anyone with a fleet of vehicles!

Is your company only in need of keeping track of inspections or error reports? Then start out with those modules! As your needs grow, you can add modules such as fuel importing, digital documentation and user-defined fields – at no extra charge.

Choose whether you want to work actively in Fleet Management or have the system send alerts by e-mail when it is time to take action, such as for booking inspections/servicing etc.


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