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Companyexpense facilitates the management of expenses, travel claims and per diems. Directly connected to TelliQ, Companyexpense customers can get automatic access to their mileage logbooks and, with it, access to travel claims that are based on actual trips.

Integration description

About the product

Companyexpense collects all parts of your travel expense account in one place – your expenses, per diem and mileage logbook. Simple for all, whether you are an employee, accountant or the head of finance.

Companyexpense for the user

Avoid having to trudge through a bunch of illegible receipts at the end of the month. With Companyexpense, get all your receipts and expense claims right in the app.

  • Report information while on your trip
  • Get your money back quicker
  • Never lose another receipt or expense
  • Receipts, travel expenses and reports – all in the app, easily
  • The app does the work for you – information auto-populated
  • The service can handle any kind of receipt, regardless of quality
  • Link purchases made with your company card to your expenses

Companyexpense for the company

An efficient, automated solution for managing the company’s receipts and travel expenses. Quicker. Cheaper. Easier.

  • A self-explanatory solution that does the work for you.
  • Receipts, reports, approvals. All easily handled in the app.
  • Less administration = more time for other things
  • More accurate accounting. Helps you get it right from the start.
  • Gives you a better overview of company travel and expense costs.
  • Thorough, complete accounting.


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Get automatic access to your mileage logbook and expense claims


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