Equipment tracker with up to a three-year battery life

Connect everything in the company that does not have its own power supply, such as the company trailers, tools and containers.

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For long-term tracking and monitoring of equipment globally, up to a three-year battery life The IP69 classified unit is customized for heavy industries such as transportation, plants and rental machinery.

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TQ7 och TQ9 GPS-tracker

In addition to seeing positioning on a map, you can easily configure your own alarms to alert you to positioning changes outside a geographic area. The alert can be sent by text message or e-mail.

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TQ7 and TQ9 are IP69 classified and can be installed in the most demanding environments.

Battery life: Up to 3 years
Working temperature: -30C to +80C
Built-in movement, temperature and light sensors.
Built-in GPS and GSM antennae
IP69 classification

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