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Increase your efficiency with an electronic mileage logbook. Currently from SEK 149/month.

Discover an automatic mileage logbook with built-in congestion tax management. Easy to install and no lock-in period.

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TelliQ Körjournal - Elektonisk körjournalsenhet, snabbjobbad webbplattform och smidig app för föraren.

Let the mileage logbook log all your trips. The mileage logbook is always available in your phone or on your computer, always with accurate mileage.

  • Easy to get started.
  • Actual meter reading - with TQ10 OBD PRO, mileage data is retrieved directly from the vehicle.

The right person, in the right place, at the right time View on a map, in real time, where your company vehicles are.

  • Positioning in real-time, you can constantly track your company cars.
  • Positioning history - so you can go back and see how a workday progressed.

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Magnus Hedquist - Säljare, Produktexpert och leadskoordinator på TelliQ AB

Magnus Hedqvist

Electronic Mileage Logbook

No more manual paper work.

Workforce management

All your vehicles on a real-time map.

Finance & Environment

Total travel expenses, vehicle utilization and environmental analysis.

Security and Alerts

Features for proactive and acute management of vehicle-related safety issues.

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