The right expertise, in the right place, at the right time

Robust workforce management service both on your mobile and your computer. See historical and real time data of how your fleet is moving and make immediate decisions with the help of a clear interface that gives you a good overview.

Ensure you have the right expertise, in the right place, at the right time. Take care of customer needs by ensuring your employees have reached their destination. Choose on what level you would like to survey operations; from the vehicle that is on its way to an important customer, to hundreds of vehicles at the same time, all in real time.

Positioning history

What happens through the course of the day, where and when. Follow your vehicles’ exact movement on a map and gain solid knowledge of how operations went yesterday, last week, or when an incident cropped up.

The service additionally provides you with concrete data so you can always see when and for how long your vehicles were at a particular location. With stop and driving times, you get a quick report of whether a job was done or not.

Traffic Situation

With just a click, compare the company’s usual trips with routes recommended by the computer to see if you can immediately save time and fuel.
You also have the opportunity to plan your trips in advance: the system takes traffic flow, incidents, accidents and traffic jams into consideration.

Workforce Management - Product Sheet (In Swedish)