Keep your employees and vehicles safe

Keep your company rolling with proactive and emergency action in vehicle-related security issues. In addition, we include our popular driving behaviour function in which you and your employees can reduce vehicle wear and tear and environmental impact while increasing safety and having fun.

Driving behaviour

Compete with your colleagues and let improving your company driving behaviour become a fun activity. By raising your own and your employees’ motivation, you can make smarter driving behaviour an activity that the whole company feels positive about. You can continuously compare data and see who is the safest, most efficient and most environmental driver.

Alarm connection and alcohol ignition interlock

Enables notification of intoxication, enabling quicker management of the problem. The function also includes the possibility of setting the vehicle alarm button to be a personal alarm.

Safe arrival home

Ensure that your employees have made it home after work. If the vehicle has not returned by a set time, an alert is sent to the manager who can take proper measures.

Security & Alarms - Product Sheet (In Swedish)