Compiled travel costs, vehicle utilisation and environmental analysis, all in one place

How many kilometres did we drive in September? How much did it cost? These are questions that are guaranteed to make fleet managers nervous. TelliQ Finance & Environment provides you with answers to your fleet-related cost and environment questions, always just a click away!

At last, you can work actively with following up and truly making your company’s fleet utilisation, in association with its cost structure, more efficient, right down to the bottom line. You can also obtain information on how a particular vehicle has been used and what its cost structure is.

Something not right? The system will automatically notify you if a vehicle deviates from its normal use.

Complete control of congestion tax

As of 1 January 2018, congestion tax and infrastructure fees for private journeys in a company car will not be included in the car benefit. This entails added administration for employers and drivers alike, but you can relax, we will automatically manage it for you!

Take responsibility for the environment!

To an increasing extent you are required to report your vehicle-related environmental impact. With Finance & Environment, you can continue to focus on doing business and let the system automatically deliver environmental reports to your commissioners.

With just one click you can get immediate access to your company’s fuel consumption and emissions. Follow trends and deviations, work actively to improve your company's results, and quickly discover deviations in your operations.

Travel Expenses and Expense Management

If you have employees out travelling, it is probably not only vehicle costs you are interested in for your cost calculations but also what your employee costs out in the field. The travel expense function allows your employees to easily report mileage and times out and about for work.

The driver automatically receives suggestions for when per diem should apply, which can be sent directly to the employee's manager or payroll administrator. In addition, you gain access to a robust expense management program that focuses on making it easy for drivers to report their ongoing expenses!

The driver enters and sends information daily directly from their mobile app, and at the office, the manager can centrally administrate the information, quickly and smoothly. All involved parties can easily follow the entire process, directly in their mobile.

Comparison analysis

Compare all data between departments, vehicle types and makes.

Quickly obtain data on how much progress different departments have made in improving driving behaviour, for example.

Finance & Environment - Product Sheet (In Swedish)