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Why an electronic mileage logbook?

In vehicles with an internet connection and electronic mileage logbook, you avoid having to do manual paper work. It automatically keeps track of your trips, and no trips are forgotten. In addition to meeting the Swedish Tax Agency’s requirements, you get a number of possibilities for optimising your trips.

It is always easily accessed through your phone or computer. Management’s administrative tasks, such as invoicing, mileage compensation, travel expenses and payroll administration, are simplified. All data can be presented in compiled form to aid decision-making.

  • Meets the requirements of the Swedish Tax Agency
  • Saves time and money
  • 19 of 20 customers recommend it

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Who is required to keep a mileage logbook

Generally, mileage logbooks are to be kept for all light-weight company vehicles that employees are allowed to utilize. Legal texts do not explicitly state any requirements, but the general recommendation is that you keep a mileage logbook.

With an electronic mileage logbook, your business trip reporting and private trip reporting are simplified – you need not worry, all trips are recorded automatically.

  • You can feel secure with an electronic mileage logbook – save time and money with reliable technology.
  • If you would like to know more about what applies to you with your company vehicles, have a look at our mileage logbook guide

The Driver

Perhaps a service technician. Could avoid devoting time to keeping a daily manual mileage logbook. Instead, he can focus entirely on having time to finish the tasks of the day.

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Is responsible for the company’s accounts receivable and, with an electronic mileage logbook, can receive help to ensure that invoices are correct based on the locations and customers at which tasks were performed.

Payroll Administration

As payroll administrator, the task of collecting all the mileage logbooks is made significantly easier and salary payments end up being a quick and smooth part of the job. No forgotten journals – no unnecessary work hours.


The CEO of the company can easily obtain monthly operations reports and feel secure in meeting the Swedish Tax Agency’s requirements of keeping mileage logbooks. Nothing left to chance – no unnecessary risks.

How does it work?

The system consists of a unit with a GPS receiver and a GSM/GPRS modem that is installed in the vehicle. When the operator starts the engine and commences travel, dates, times and addresses are logged. When a trip is concluded, dates, times, the address and actual route are recorded in the electronic mileage logbook.

The travel information is sent to a Cloud server that can be reached by the user via an app on their phone, tablet or computer. The driver generally does not need to take any action except for in cases where he needs to indicate whether the trip was private or for work.
This can be done via pre-selected time filters directly in the app or by using a private button in the vehicle. The driver can also add the purpose and project number to the trip, and then sign off on it.

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Functional modules

Electronic Mileage Logbook

An easy, robust and completely automatic mileage logbook.

Workforce Management

The right expertise in the right place at the right time! Incl. Real time map – Always the right position in real time.

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Finance & Environment

Travel costs, environmental analysis & fleet utilisation – All in one place!

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Security & Alarms

Keep your employees and vehicles safe. Incl. Driving behaviour analysis – Discover a more enjoyable way to save money!

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Fleet Management

Discover the tool that quickly provides you with complete control of your business’s fleet. Simplify your fleet administration with automatic IoT technology and intuitive functionality.

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A common inquiry is whether the installation of a unit should be fixed or “plug and play”.

The advantage of a fixed installation with an electronic mileage logbook connected by cables is there are more possibilities for connecting accessories. A commonly experienced disadvantage is that it requires installation, most often meaning a visit to the vehicle repair shop.

Which model suits your needs best?


A cable-less plug and play solution that continuously reads and uploads CAN data from the vehicle’s computer. You can always access the information via a smart phone or computer.

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Unit that can be connected to a car alarm, alcohol ignition interlock, etc.

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OBD is here to stay

Our new TelliQ TQ10 PRO is easy to install and allows you access to information directly from the vehicle’s computer – Naturally, neither your vehicle warranty nor the vehicle’s performance are affected by our OBD unit.


There are a number of accessories to add functionality to the system. Here is a selection.

Driver ID reader RFID

Driver ID reader for recessed mounting into the vehicle’s dashboard. Supports either EM or MIFARE.

RFID tag

Tag for easily registering drivers. Delivered in a pack of ten.

OBD extension lead

Install the OBD unit in tight spaces.

Driver ID reader RFID

Encapsulated driver ID reader for surface mounting. Supports either EM or MIFARE.

Private and alarm button

Multifunctional button that can be used for alarms, non-work-related driving and production status.

Product Sheet

Product Sheet Electronic Mileage Logbook (In Swedish)

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