Our journey

TelliQ has been around for longer than you think! In 2017, TelliQ and Arkub AB celebrated their 15 year anniversary. Below, you can read about how TelliQ has developed through the years.

  • Arkub AB was established


    Arkub AB was established, one of the first companies in Sweden to specialise in Telematics systems for industrial solutions, already focusing on having our products and services contribute to the efficiency and improvement of our customers’ operations.

  • Our first telematics system was delivered


    We delivered our first telematics system to Atlas Copco Rock Drills and Nynäs Naphtenics. We reached a turnover of 3.5 MSEK and had eight employees by the end of the year.

  • The Triptracker Mileage Logbook product was initiated


    We made a few small acquisitions, such as the purchase of Wireless Device’s stock. During the year, the basis for the Trip Tracker fleet management system, on which the mileage logbook system is based, was developed. The Arkub Technology subsidiary was established through the acquisition of Mida Systemutveckling AB, which became our centre of excellence focusing on telematics systems. We reached a turnover of over 10 MSEK and had 17 employees by the end of the year.

  • Street lighting system


    We launched Smart Street Lighting for controlling and monitoring street lighting in cooperation with local municipalities and utilities companies. A system that is currently delivering lighting control to a great number of municipalities. We reached a turnover of 15 MSEK and had 21 employees.

  • TelliQ AB was established


    Turnkey electronic mileage logbook solutions for the vehicle industry became the main product of TelliQ AB. We cooperated with IQ Object for our sales and marketing initiatives. In our largest order to date, we delivered a telematics platform to Atlas Copco Air Power in tough international competition. We reached a turnover of over 20 MSEK. Arkub AB became exclusively a holding company as all operations were run in the TelliQ and Arkub Technology subsidiaries.

  • Transportation Management added to the product portfolio


    Through the acquisition of Autoposition, a new product area, Transportation Management, was added to TelliQ’s business portfolio. The product area was added in connection with the launch of our new telematics platform TQ4.

  • Current organisation

    2013 - 2018

    The TelliQ and Arkub Technology subsidiaries were merged and became TelliQ. The organisation grew to four business units in 2013. The TelliQ brand became our joint brand, a step towards our goal of becoming one of Sweden's largest Telematics suppliers. In 2014, we moved to new premises, Rapphuset, and in 2015 our turnover exceeded 50 MSEK and we had over 2000 customers.

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