TelliQ's Board of Directors

Stig Alterbäck
Chairman of the Board

Founder and partner. Twenty years of board and management experience, of which 14 years in TelliQ/Arkub, where he has the operational role of CFO. Previously MD and board member of Celsius Metech and held senior positions in the Saab and Celsius Groups.

Lars-Göran Karlsson

Professional board member. Partner since 2012. Has substantial experience of developing companies from the early stages to established operations. Is a board member of Briox AB (formerly Fortnox International), Dynamic Code, Litium, etc. A founder of IFS Industrial & Financing Systems.

Lars-Erik Wige

Business executive and professional board member with many years’ experience in leading and developing complex operations. He has been serving as senior executive of Saab (defence industry) since the early 1980s. Since 2015, he has been the Senior Advisor to Saab’s CEO.
Is a board member of Sparbanken västra Mälardalen, Saab Combitech, Kockums, etc.

Martin Axelsson

Partner since 2013. Manages and operates Wallro i Västerås AB. Active on a number of boards and as an entrepreneur of a number of real estate and construction companies.

Magnus Öberg

Founder and partner. Today, Magnus works operationally as Development Manager of TelliQ. Has a background in systems and software development with extensive experience in complex systems and product development. Previously active in Saab Aerotech/Rockwell Collins, USA.

Lukas Ivarsson

Founder and partner. Operationally, Lukas is active as Business Unit Manager with responsibility for our industrial applications for heavy machinery (OEM) business area. Has a background in systems development with a focus on software.

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