About TelliQ

Long term operating and development success of a company is rarely achieved through ingenious solutions, but rather through a culture of inclusiveness and getting employees to do lots of the right things every day of the year. And this is where TelliQ can help you. To support and help you in making your workdays more efficient. Services that are so good, natural and simple to use that you wouldn’t consider being without them.

So who are our target customers? Firstly, entrepreneurs for whom vehicles, machinery and facilities are an important part of the business. And, who understand the value of using modern technology and innovation in everyday business.

Thanks to our electronic mileage logs, positioning, management systems, work order management and production follow up services, over 2000 companies, from Atlas Copco to local craftsmen, have a constant overview and control of their vehicles, machinery and facilities. They are using their resources more efficiently, reducing costs, saving time and increasing profitability.

TelliQ’s headquarters are in Arboga. Our customers can be found all over the globe. We thrive on challenges, and we have not yet encountered a demand or request that our standard or customised telematics solutions have not been able to meet.

Naturally, we have a great amount of engineering expertise. But we are also curious and strive to understand your operations. Not until we understand your business can we make a difference for your company. And once you have become a TelliQ customer, we promise that you will have reason to celebrate each and every day just how much easier everyday business has become. Welcome to the world of TelliQ.

Business idea

We sell services and solutions that aid decision-making, simplify everyday business and increase profitability to companies in which vehicles, machinery and facilities are an important part of operations.


Our thousands of customers should have reason celebrate the support they receive and not be able to imagine being without our services as they simplify everyday operations and increase their profitability.

Quality and environment

The Arkub Group endeavours to always make our customers happy by keeping our promises and delivering products and services that meet customer expectations. At the same time, we take the requirements other stakeholders make regarding environment, work environment, safety and profitability into consideration.

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